The Greatest Mistake I Made not Once but Several Times

Whether or not your an artist, a writer, a computer programmer, an engineer, an automotive mechanic, a construction worker, a home developer, you are going to need tools. However, a huge mistake I made, and that many others make, was that I thought that if I had the right tools, the tools would in a… Continue reading The Greatest Mistake I Made not Once but Several Times

Why Impressionism Vanished into Plein Air

In the later 1800s, a movement formed in France, in opposition to the dominance and authority of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. These artists essentially rejected the previously accepted “rules” of what was considered art, and what was not. And, attempted to establish a new freedom in artistic expression. Now, I’m not attempting to provide some… Continue reading Why Impressionism Vanished into Plein Air

My Uncle Harvey

Uncle Harvey was my mother’s brother. He was always intriguing to me. He was absolutely brilliant. His intellect exuded from all he said. And, oh my, his cultured mannerisms and interactions were so very precise and so proper. And, the subtly extravagant gifts he gave my mother for birthdays, or for Christmas, were always so… Continue reading My Uncle Harvey

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My “Gaelic” Children

Both your names are Gaelic. And, you both love the ocean, the sea, and just about any body of water. And, this post is for you.

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How I Travel

When faced with homelessness, you don’t have too many options. Unfortunately, I have actually experienced homelessness. Let me just say it’s a pretty miserable experience. The truth is that homelessness in America is pretty twisted and unfair. But, that’s just about enough of that. This post is actually about my solution to an interesting alternative… Continue reading How I Travel