How I Travel

When faced with homelessness, you don’t have too many options. Unfortunately, I have actually experienced homelessness. Let me just say it’s a pretty miserable experience. The truth is that homelessness in America is pretty twisted and unfair.

But, that’s just about enough of that. This post is actually about my solution to an interesting alternative to homelessness. And, the reality of how I live and travel. Below, is my spiffy little 1993 Toyota Pickup, with less than 130,000 miles on it. She’s a bit beat up, but that’s okay, ’cause so am I. And guess what? She’s a rugged old thing that has stuck by me through thick and thin.

As the cost of living where I was a few months ago, was simply too high for me to pursue normal housing, I decided to make my home mobile. Or, my truck my home? Or my simple transportation into a bit more complicated vehicle with a tiny home in the truck bed. Or, much more simply, as my son said, “daddy, you’re making your truck into a Transformer!”

This little truck is not what it seems. Instead, it’s honestly pretty awesome. Yes, most of the plastic components are very degraded. But, it’s pre-electronic with most everything. So, super simple mechanical stuff that is both cheap and easy to repair. So, I brainstormed. And, I thought, the whole IKEA thing wasn’t such a bad notion. Besides, I am Nordic to some extent, and I always loved the Bauhaus aesthetic, and the Mid-Century Modern expression of design that came out of Europe. And, those European designers seem to know an awful lot about what they’re doing not just aesthetically, but practically too.

This was my first conceptual drawing. However, I had already measured my truck and had thought out much of it before drawing this to try and explain it to my kids. Anyway, words don’t quite help some times. What I will say, is that the whole European notion of modularity, and multi-usability were the basis of what my camper became. (It’s still far from finished, but in time, I think it’ll get there)

So, there’s my tiny home on wheels (although sometimes I enjoy myself a little bit more room in a hotel). It’s a bit different of a way to live my life. However, it allows me a level of freedom, and a pretty cost-effective way of living my life that also allows me to be a traveling artist.