My Uncle Harvey

Uncle Harvey was my mother’s brother. He was always intriguing to me. He was absolutely brilliant. His intellect exuded from all he said. And, oh my, his cultured mannerisms and interactions were so very precise and so proper. And, the subtly extravagant gifts he gave my mother for birthdays, or for Christmas, were always so stunning.

At the time, I only knew him to be a brilliant surgeon working in Los Angeles. However, as I got older, I discovered that he had once been very much into the arts when he was younger. And, as it turned out, Harvey and I shared some interesting experiences, although separated by many decades.

At one time Harvey studied as an artist in an artist’s collective. Harvey was truthfully a pretty good artist. However, his father, my grandfather, was a doctor and a surgeon, and for reasons I am unaware of, Harvey ended up choosing to pursue medicine. He became a highly accomplished surgeon overseeing the work of other doctors in a hospital I believe was located in Hollywood.

I, on the other hand, sort of went the other way. I did start out with art. However, for a while, I pursued Pre-Med. In the end, medicine was definitely not for me. However, my uncle has ended up being an intriguing source of inspiration for me. He truly achieved some remarkable things in life.

Harvey was a lover of simple pleasures. I have never forgotten the enticing aroma of freshly ground coffee being brewed in his home. He absolutely loved the visual arts. He had a beautiful Southern California garden. And, he loved going to the opera.

Sadly, Harvey, who in many ways was a close relative to me in regard to the arts, passed away this last year. He was truly a wonderful, gifted, and generous man. And, wherever you may be, this video is in honor of you, and as a humble way for me to say you are missed, and I love you Uncle Harvey. Thank you for your inspiration.

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