The Jeopardy of Verbal Duality

To err is truly human
To air your grievances fraught
That which you pen
May not do what you thought…

To inflict a physical wound
Is a mistake one may soon forgive
To issue an edict regarding the exhumed
May be too dark for others to relive…

As a fencer may wield the épée
A thinker may wield a word
But such a heavy price may be paid
When kind and cruel are blurred…

The one who thrusts in such a way
May think their blow will not be known…

Yet… It is quite sadly conferred
One’s true intent
When that which is heard
Is clearly understood, and the touch has been felt… another’s malcontent…

However, in graciousness a flourish of words
May still show one’s respect
As a fencer salutes, his honor transferred
To restore a sense of nobility… his opponent to protect

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