Why I Leica Flower… and a Good Camera Too…

Sometimes the right tool can indeed make quite the difference. I am a photographer. And, while I’ve been relatively happy with my iPhone SE 2020, the truth is that I have missed having a “real” camera. So, I finally decided to increase my toolkit a little bit. My grandfather had several Rolleiflexes and Leicas in his day. I still have an old broken Leica my mother used in Europe as a teenager. However, I finally decided it was time for me to get one of my own.

It’s been so long since I used a camera with real manual controls, that I honestly feel kind of like I’m “learning to ride a bike,” as it were, all over again. However, recently while my children were with me, and we were exploring the village of Mendocino, I had a bit of fun doing a little close-up, macro, and floral photography.

The Leica combined with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Leica’s Fotos app, and direct integration with Adobe’s Lightroom is quite the dramatic shift from my iPhone and the Apple Photos app. I’m honestly pretty surprised at just how drastic a difference this camera makes. I guess I had somewhat forgotten just how important a well-engineered lens and camera really are.

For the Leica purists, yes, the Leica D-lux 7 is made in China, not Germany. However, it’s 100% German engineering and 100% Leica design, as well as Leica software on the camera and my iPhone and iPad, with direct integration, as I just mentioned, with Adobe’s Lightroom. That results in quite the powerful and fluidly integrated photography experience.

This little “point and shoot” has truly surprised me with its capabilities. And, I’m very happy with this addition to my minimal toolkit. It’s quite small and easy to carry with me wherever I want to, unlike the Canon SLR and 3 zoom lenses I used to use.

While the camera is diminutive in size, the photographic results are quite grandiose. These images were taken on the first day I used the camera. It will take time for me to get used to it. But, I do like how these photos turned out. And, I hope you like the flowers too.