Visual Music: Desert Rose by Sting, Featuring Cheb Mami

As a kid, my first exposure to Sting was listening to radio hits by The Police with my older brother. While I loved listening to The Police, Sting’s solo work has always intrigued me and enthralled me. While I haven’t liked a few of his solo pieces, his combination of jazz, pop, rock, world music, irregular rhythms, complicated melodies, harmonies, synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and the intricate musical interweaving of auditory elements, has always been so fascinating to me.

Desert Rose in specific has always been a favorite of mine. Cheb Mami’s vocals are so haunting, yet beautiful. And, this song has always evoked imagery for me of the Sahara, oases, and so many other elements of the stark beauty of vast deserts, while at the same time invoking the sensation of the deep and intense yearning for love.