Paul La Tourette?

Okay… yes, an explanation is in order. And, this is going to be a bit lengthy. Why am I going by the “stage name” Paul La Tourette for my music? And, why am I using French? Well, it’s actually a bit complex to explain. But, it all started with this very cute little stuffie… Allow… Continue reading Paul La Tourette?

The Beauty Of Not…

To argue, debate, and press the fightWill not necessarily lead to rightAnd, while you might be correctAnd, seek to be direct If the one you struggle withWill not cease to resistAnd persists in not desistingThe invalid points insisting To agree to disagreeActually carries a hefty feeRather than resolutionIt Ieads to great dissolution Therefore, if peace… Continue reading The Beauty Of Not…

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Oru Into Kayaking Too?

Origami + kayaking? The result? Oru Kayaks—lightweight, compact, folding kayaks, that fold up to the size of a slightly oversized suitcase, and are quite easy to carry over your shoulder. And, it happens to fit quite nicely in the back of my Rav4. As a kid, occasionally, I got to experience kayaking on gentle rivers,… Continue reading Oru Into Kayaking Too?