Requiem Pour Ce Qui N’est Pas

Grief, pain, sorrow, suffering, and loss? Beauty? Yes, there can be beauty. However, the path to find the beauty, is impossible for me to express with words, or artwork. (For those wondering, I will be getting back to finishing my series on Tahoe, and I will hopefully be posting more regularly as well).

Music. Yes, I’m a musician/composer too—but, whatever. The last month or so was pretty excruciating for me. And, when I sought to express my “experience,” I drew a complete blank with art and writing. And yes, music, as in listening, was indeed what I turned to, in order to cope.

However, I had to get “this” out. I had to find a way to express it. So, this musical composition was the result. For those that want to know how I produced this, it was all done just with my Macbook, with GarageBand. All the music was played live by me with the “Musical Typing” feature of GarageBand.

This musical composition is dedicated to all those I have lost both living and passed on. Puisseiz-vous tous et moi trouver la paix…