Oru Into Kayaking Too?

Origami + kayaking? The result? Oru Kayaks—lightweight, compact, folding kayaks, that fold up to the size of a slightly oversized suitcase, and are quite easy to carry over your shoulder. And, it happens to fit quite nicely in the back of my Rav4.

As a kid, occasionally, I got to experience kayaking on gentle rivers, and lakes. It’s something I missed quite a bit, for many years. And, it also happens to be something that I kind of forgot how to do very well.

So, stopping at the Big River in Mendocino County, I decided it was finally time to get over my hesitation and take the kayak for its maiden voyage.

Unfolding, and setting up the kayak was a bit challenging, as it was my first time doing so. But, it proved to be pretty straightforward overall. When I got in, that was a bit humorous. I had forgotten quite how to “balance” when in a kayak, and well, for a few moments, I thought I was going to get a bit more wet than I had bargained for.

After about 10 minutes, I did manage to get into the hang of it. Although, I’m not so good with my paddling technique just yet. So, I managed to get my pants pretty wet, and when I got out, well, my “seat” was pretty soaked.

However, the experience proved to be wonderful, beautiful, and so very peaceful. It was quite windy, and the wind was blowing with the flow of the river going upriver due to rising tide. So, going was pretty quick. Getting back, wasn’t so quick, or easy. That was the point where I realized, “Ah, yes, this takes a bit of effort.”

After getting a bit of exercise, I got back to the boat launch area. And, I managed to get out of the river without going for a swim.

Breaking the kayak down, and getting it folded back up was actually easier than I thought it would be. However, the next time I go, I will definitely bring an old towel to be able to wipe it down. I’m not sure why, but these seagulls seemed quite fascinated. Or, maybe they’re just used to people feeding them.

While they are not cheap, these kayaks are pretty awesome. And, I’m very glad I added this to my “mobile” life. I will definitely be doing more kayaking as I travel, and find calm, gentle waters to enjoy. Kayaking is not just enjoyable, it really is peaceful, healing, and so very much a thing of beauty.