The Beauty Of Not…

To argue, debate, and press the fight
Will not necessarily lead to right
And, while you might be correct
And, seek to be direct

If the one you struggle with
Will not cease to resist
And persists in not desisting
The invalid points insisting

To agree to disagree
Actually carries a hefty fee
Rather than resolution
It Ieads to great dissolution

Therefore, if peace is to be achieved
Sadly, that peace will only be
Not for two, but just the one
That simply says done

Yet what of the fight?
The one that was right
Has actually succeeded
And, found what was needed

The true resolution to the conflict
The opponent did not predict
They fight intractably
For they lack the ability

To perceive that fighting without end
Has ultimately led to them
Losing more than they ever intended
As they sought to prove their point
They instead proved their own undoing

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